Pasture Grass

cow pasture grassOne relatively new use of plant growth regulators is on pasture grass. In a short amount of time, a unique product called RyzUp SmartGrass® is significantly changing producers’ methods of grazing their cattle. A spring application of RyzUp SmartGrass can “wake up” pasture grass and start its growth in cold temperatures 2-3 weeks earlier than if left untreated. Instead of keeping cattle several more weeks in the barn, a producer can put them out to pasture and reduce feeding costs.

In a similar fashion, RyzUp SmartGrass also extends the grazing season at the end of the season, promoting the growth of pasture grass by an extra two to three weeks as temperatures decline. That fall growth can really pay off, especially in a winter when there’s not too much snow, as the cattle can continue feeding on the fall pasture grass growth stimulated by RyzUp SmartGrass. RyzUp SmartGrass not only increases yields of pasture grass, but it increases yield when ranchers wouldn’t ordinarily see it, in the early spring and late fall.

Implementing Management Intensive Rotational Grazing

The use of RyzUp SmartGrass lends itself well to an efficient new system for feeding cattle, Management Intensive Rotational Grazing (MIRG). With traditional grazing, cattle will stay in an area and feed until all the grass is gone. In the MIRG system, ranchers move cattle to different pastures each day. By spraying RyzUp SmartGrass in a well thought-out program, the grazier can make sure the cattle are constantly being introduced to lush pastures, increasing weight gain. It’s estimated that with a well-managed MIRG system using RyzUp SmartGrass, the cattle will have from 35% to 50% more pasture grass available over the entire grazing season. For example, at the relatively cool temperature of 13°C (55°F), RyzUp SmartGrass will double the growth rate of the average pasture grass. Application times vary greatly, changing approximately every 100 miles in a north-south direction.