Berelex® is a gibberellic acid (GA3) plant growth regulator registered for use on table grapes, wine grapes, citrus, vegetables, and rice.

Berelex is a highly effective growth promoter, increasing size and quality of fruits, vegetables, and other crops, and is essential for optimum growth and development. It also plays a role in the regulation of other plant processes such as flowering, seed germination, dormancy, and senescence. Here’s a brief look at how Berelex is used in labeled crops:

The superior solubility attributes of Berelex 40%

In table grapes, Berelex promotes stretch in the cluster, thinning of the berry, and enlargement of the fruit, improving cluster quality and yield.

In wine grapes, Berelex lengthens the rachis, improving air flow to help avoid problems associated with tightly bunched clusters, such as Botrytis.

In citrus, Berelex is used for harvest management. It promotes a delay in chlorophyll degradation, keeping the rind of the fruit green in color. Growers can continue to grow their fruit on the tree until the ideal market window opens.

In vegetables this product helps plants get off to a good start. In fruiting vegetables, Berelex can increase set and improve fruit growth, while in leafy vegetables it promotes enlargement of the leaf blade and extension of the petiole, lifting the plants off the ground. This aids harvest and results in a cleaner product.

In rice, Berelex promotes panicle exertion improving flower pollination and increasing yield.

Always read and follow the label instructions when using any VBC product.


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