Apple treated with gibberellic acid (GA) plant growth regulator Regulex


Untreated vs Treated with Regulex
Untreated vs Treated with Regulex

Registered in Europe and South Africa, Regulex® is a mixture of two gibberellic acid (GA) plant growth regulators: GA4 and GA7. Regulex is used to improve fruit finish by reducing russeting of Golden Delicious apples. When applied from early petal fall until 40 days after full bloom it conditions the skin cells of apples, making them more elastic and able to withstand extremes in moisture and relative humidity.

In Europe, Regulex is also used to set fruit on pears when a frost occurs during bloom.


Regulex 10SG contains an effective ratio of GA4 to GA7 and is the only water soluble granule formulation of the GA4 /GA7 combination in its market. Fast-dissolving and dust-free, this high potency product is exceptionally stable in storage, providing growers with longer shelf life than liquid formulations. Regulex is also easier to transport and has a better handling and safety profile.

Always read and follow the label instructions when using any VBC product.


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