Valent BioSciences Announces Construction of New Oregon Facility

WHITE CITY, Ore., September 21, 2023 – To meet the increasing demands and projected future growth for its industry-leading MycoApply® arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) products, Valent BioSciences LLC has announced the construction of a new manufacturing facility in White City, Oregon. This new plant will complement the existing headquarters and manufacturing operations for its subsidiary company, Mycorrhizal Applications LLC, in Grants Pass, Oregon.

In conjunction with the announcement, Valent BioSciences and Mycorrhizal Applications executives, local government officials, and representatives of Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development, Inc. (SOREDI) participated in a groundbreaking ceremony that was held today at the White City site.

As a leading supplier of mycorrhizal soil inoculants, Mycorrhizal Applications researches and markets mycorrhizal fungi. These specialized fungi colonize plant roots to create a symbiotic root-and-mycelial network within the surrounding soils, increasing efficiency in nutrient and water absorption to optimize plant hardiness and vigor. The White City facility will produce AMF that are utilized in the agriculture, horticulture, and turf and ornamental markets.

AMF sequester carbon effectively in the soil, supporting parent company Sumitomo Chemical Company’s goal of achieving a 50% reduction of greenhouse gas by 2030 and helping meet its pledge to achieve net carbon neutrality by 2050. AMF also act as a direct carbon capture technology, which is trademarked as EcoDACTM by Sumitomo Chemical.

“We are excited to begin construction in White City and expand our operations in southern Oregon, where Mycorrhizal Applications was founded more than 25 years ago,” said Valent BioSciences President and CEO Salman Mir. “We have enjoyed a strong partnership with the community and look forward to expanding our business and fostering new relationships in White City and southern Oregon in the years ahead.”


About Valent BioSciences LLC

Headquartered in Libertyville, Illinois, Valent BioSciences is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. Valent BioSciences is a worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of biorational products and technologies used in the agriculture, public health, and forest health markets. The company has more than 60 years of experience bringing biorational products to market in 95 countries around the world and is ISO 9001 Certified. Valent BioSciences is also the parent company of Pace International LLC, a global leader in postharvest coatings, sanitizers, and postharvest disease management products, as well as Mycorrhizal Applications LLC, a leading supplier of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi-based products. For additional information, visit the company’s website at

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