Valent BioSciences Corporation signs exclusive agreement to distribute Tebufenozide for North American Forest Protection



LIBERTYVILLE, IL., January 27, 2011 – Valent BioSciences Corporation (VBC) announced today it has signed an exclusive agreement with Nippon Soda Co. Ltd. for the supply and distribution of tebufenozide for the North American forestry markets.

Tebufenozide is a highly selective insect growth regulator. It will be branded as Mimic® Insecticide in Canada and Mimic® Insecticide in the United States for control of insect defoliators in forests and woodland sites.

With its Foray® brand microbial insecticide, VBC has been a leader in the forest protection market for more than 35 years.

“The addition of Mimic Insecticide to our forestry product portfolio will offer operational flexibility to professional program managers across a broad range of forest pest species and population conditions,” said Mike Donaldson, Valent BioSciences president. “Both Mimic and Foray can be integrated into existing programs through complementary use based on insect pest densities and forestry management objectives.”

Valent BioSciences Corporation is recognized worldwide for pioneering the aerial application of biorational insecticides for the control of insect defoliators in urban and rural forests. VBC will work with governments and key stakeholders responsible for forest insect control to optimize the use of Mimic and Foray to meet a wide range of forest management objectives.

Tebufenozide is an insect growth regulator insecticide used to control Lepidoptera pests in forests and food crops. It has a novel mode of action in that it imitates the action of the insect molting hormone, ecdysone. Lepidoptera larvae cease to feed within hours of exposure and then undergo a lethal, unsuccessful molt. Tebufenozide has an excellent environmental and safety record and was recipient of the Presidential Green Chemistry Award.

“Were excited to offer Mimic to the North American forestry market,” Donaldson said. “It is a great complement to Foray both in terms of its performance for forestry managers, as well as its safety and environmental profile. We believe our strong partnership with Nippon Soda will provide enhanced forest protection for managers throughout North America for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

Sales of Mimic Insecticide are scheduled for launch in 2011.

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