Maximize Your Rice Yield with InGrain™ Plant Growth Regulator

Rice: The Global Staple

Rice serves as the primary source of calories for over half of the world’s population. However, major environmental and crop production challenges during vegetative and grain filling stages pose significant threats to rice yields, milling quality and overall farm productivity and income.

To combat these issues, we have a sustainable and effective biorational solution, InGrain Plant Growth Regulator.

How Does InGrain Work?

InGrain PGR is formulated with S-abscisic acid (ABA) which plays a vital role in carbon remobilization and starch accumulation in rice grains, directly impacting grain quality and yield.

The active ingredient in InGrain, ABA, boosts the activity of enzymes responsible for remobilizing stored reserves into the grain for converting sugars into starch within the grain to increase yield and grain quality. This consistent supply of sugars during grain filling leads to better-packed starch granules, reduces chalky and broken grains after milling, less food waste, and a higher bottom line. InGrain application during 50% heading or early grain filling also significantly improves grain-filling rate and enhances the plant’s resilience against abiotic stresses like drought and heat.

Unlock Your Rice's Potential

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your rice yield and raise your farms’ productivity. Reach out to your local representative or visit our website to learn more about InGrain and how it can revolutionize your rice production.

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With InGrain Plant Growth Regulator, you can take a step towards a more abundant and sustainable future for rice cultivation!