Boost Your Hay Production After Every Cutting: Unlock the Potential of Proliant® Plant Growth Regulator

Combat Cool Season Temperatures with Proliant

Searching for tools to help you optimize your hay yield? Proliant® Plant Growth Regulator can help.

You’ve just finished cutting your hay, but the cool season conditions are impeding your crop’s growth. With a simple application of Proliant, you can overcome these cool season conditions and unlock the full potential of your fields, transforming them into productive acres once more.

Proliant improves timothy hay tonnage for higher ROI, Proliant increases smooth downy bromegrass yield

Application of 0.5 oz/acre Proliant Plant Growth Regulator across two cuttings on timothy hay and smooth downy bromegrass in Oregon and Nebraska.

The secret behind this tool lies within the active ingredient: gibberellic acid, or GA3. With GA3, your crops will be able to better capture and utilize energy. As a result, protein synthesis within your plants will increase, leading to enhanced protein and enzyme activity and, ultimately, stronger, healthier fields.

To see this in action, check out our Timothy hay timelapse. For more information, make sure to sign up for free resources below!

Check out some of our applications tips below. For more information, speak to your local representative or Contact Us. Always read and follow label instructions.

Use Rate

  • Varies by crop type. See label for details or contact your crop advisor or Valent BioSciences for additional information.


  • 100% water soluble granule

Application Information

  • For optimum effectiveness, thorough spray coverage of the target area must be achieved. Prepare solution concentrations by mixing the required amount of product with water in a clean, empty spray tank. Use of a non-ionic surfactant has been shown to increase wetting and uptake of the active ingredient.
  • Discard any unused spray material at the end of each day following local, state, or federal law.

Tank Mix

  • When considering tank mixing with other products, use the following compatibility jar test before mixing a whole tank.
  • Start with a clear glass or plastic quart jar. Add water from the same water source that will be used for the larger tank mix. Add the pesticides in correct proportions. Mix thoroughly and let stand for a minimum of 15 minutes. Separation and gelling are signs of incompatibility. Before using any mixes that pass the jar test for compatibility, it is imperative to test the mixture on a designated area as it may result either in phytotoxicity or ineffectiveness.

Unlock maximum hay production

If you’re ready to unlock the secret to maximum hay production, Proliant should be your go-to tool. No more struggling against the limitations of the season—say hello to greater yields powered by gibberellic acid.

For more information, speak to your local representative or Contact Us.

Always read and follow label instructions.