Maximizing Harvest Efficiency and Quality with ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator

As apple growers, you face challenges like labor shortages, weather volatility, and rising fruit quality standards, impacting harvest efficiency and profit. Presenting ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator – a powerful solution to tackle these issues.

How Does ReTain Work?

ReTain’s active ingredient, AVG, inhibits the plant enzyme ACC synthase, blocking ethylene production. Ethylene regulates fruit ripening, drop, and other physiological changes, by inhibiting ethylene production with ReTain maturation slows, helping growers to manage their harvest while allowing the fruit to mature to optimal size, color, and quality. 

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Benefits for Growers

ReTain reduces fruit drop and delays maturity, resulting in an extended harvest window, better utilization of time, people, and equipment. By delaying maturity, ReTain will maintain important fruit quality characteristics, such as firmness. It also increases fruit size as fruit has more time to grow while hanging on the tree longer.

ReTain is Not Just for Apples!

ReTain is also effective on pears, peaches, nectarines, and plums, making it a versatile tool for orchardists.

ReTain Plant Growth Regulator offers a comprehensive solution to challenges faced during harvest. Efficiently managing harvest, improving fruit quality, and reducing fruit drop are just a few of the many benefits ReTain provides. Watch this video for more information on the mode of action of ReTain.