PinCor® Plant Growth Regulator

PinCor is a highly effective plant growth regulator containing aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG). AVG inhibits the biosynthesis of ethylene in plant tissues, the plant hormone responsible for inducing flowering in pineapples.

PinCor prevents naturally differentiated flowering (NDF), a condition that leads to a disrupted supply of fruit, increased operational costs, and lower returns per acre. PinCor synchronizes harvest, providing growers control over their harvest schedule year-round.

  • Controls naturally differentiated flowering (NDF) in pineapples, synchronizing harvest and allowing pineapple farms to set fruit availability year-round
Consistent fruit quality

PinCor provides a consistent pineapple harvest, allowing growers to produce fruit year-round.

Crop management improvement

Synchronized harvest results in fewer applications and less equipment and labor required.

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