S-Abscisic Acid

ProTone® Plant Growth Regulator

ProTone® Plant Growth Regulator, also known as Excelero™ Plant Growth Regulator in some regions, contains S-abscisic acid (S-ABA or ABA) and is a leading product for table grape growers and exporters, giving them an effective and natural option for improving coloring that eliminates residue concerns. ProTone can also be used to initiate earlier harvest, increase overall marketable yield, and reduce the number of picks within a particular block.

In pears and apples, ProTone can be used as an organic option for thinning.

  • Improves color development and uniformity in grapes, increasing yield, supporting earlier harvest, and increasing shipping and storage longevity
  • Accelerates fall defoliation in fruit, nuts, and vines
  • Promotes fruit thinning in pears and apples when applied at post bloom

OMRI caterpillar pest control

Sustainable quality

ProTone enhances berry coloring, giving growers and exporters an effective and natural option for coloring table grapes with no residue concerns.

Labor efficiency

ProTone guarantees a uniform color in all bunches, allowing more fruit to be harvested at each pick. This often results in earlier and fewer picks, lowering the overall seasonal operating costs.

Unique formulation

ProTone has a low toxicity profile, resulting in short re-entry and pre-harvest intervals.

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Please contact your local distributor for more information.

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