The Benefits of Promalin® on Apples

How can Promalin® Plant Growth Regulator benefit your apple orchard?

Promalin Plant Growth Regulator is a widely used biorational product in the apple industry that enhances fruit shape, size, and overall quality, leading to higher packout and profitability for growers.

What does Promalin do?

Promalin Promotes Fruit Size and Shape

Promalin is a mixture of a cytokinin and gibberellin. When applied during bloom, Promalin promotes cell division, expansion, and elongation and improves cell elasticity, resulting in improved fruit size and shape.

The size and shape of fruit are improved through elongation and development of more prominent calyx lobes at the basal end of the fruit, often referred to as “typiness”. Typiness is a desired quality in several varieties, especially Red Delicious.

Promalin can be used in many apple varieties where increased size is desired, such as Gala, Golden, etc. By increasing fruit size, Promalin can improve grower returns, helping to shift production toward larger size categories.

Best Practices to Optimize Promalin Benefits

  • Promalin should be used in conjunction with other thinning practices to optimize fruit sizing and finish benefits (for more information on thinning, check out our other PGRs for apples).
  • In regions facing a prolonged flowering period, a split application may be beneficial.
  • The use of adjuvants is not recommended at bloom as it may cause thinning.

Depending on your region, Promalin can provide additional benefits such as russet control, increased fruit set after frost, and promotion of branching in apple, pear, and cherry trees.

How does Promalin work?

Watch this video to learn how Promalin works!

Speak to your local representative for more information about registered Promalin uses and availability in your region. When using Promalin, always read and follow label instructions.