Larvicide Drops to Control Dengue-Chikungunya-Zika

A WALS Webinar
This webinar was held on Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Traditional dengue control methods have their limitations to controlling the fast-spreading vector-borne disease wildfires. The many decades of intense research using microdroplets of a biological larvicide has brought relief to dengue-Zika operational control programs in the ASEAN countries and in the Americas.

The current operational challenges and successes of controlling Aedes mosquitoes and preventing the diseases they transmit will be shared by our panel of speakers.

Below you will find individual presentation recordings, as well as the entire webinar recording.

Challenges in Dengue Control in Malaysia

by Topek Omar, Ministry of Health Malaysia

Dengue Control in the Florida Keys

By Andrea Leal, Florida Keys Mosquito Control District

Image of Andrea Leal
Overview of Zika/Dengue Control in the U.S.

By Dr. Philip Stoddard, Florida International University

Our Experience to Control Dengue with Bti in Sibu Town, Sarawak, Malaysia

By Rezal Bohari, Ministry of Health Malaysia

Image of Rezal Bohari
Use of WALS in Fighting Arbovirus in Puerto Rico

Dr. Grayson Brown, Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit

Image of Dr. Grayson Brown
A1 Truck Mounted WALS in Manatee County, FL

By Katie Williams, Valent BioSciences

Full Webinar