WALS National Virtual Summit – May 21, 2020

Co-Innovating Solutions for Container Mosquito Control A National WALS Summit

Below are resources from the summit on Solutions for Floodwater Mosquito Control that was held virtually on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

Insecticide susceptibility status of Florida populations of container mosquitoes
Presented by: Casey Parker Technical Development Specialist ADAPCO Contact Casey via email cparker@myadapco.com at for inquiries.
WALS Origin and Operational use in South East Asia since 1988
Presented by: Seleena Benjamin Manager, Public Health Business, Asia/India Region Valent BioSciences, LLC
Challenges with container-inhabiting invasive Aedes mosquitoes
Presented by: Isik Unlu, PhD Operations Manager Miami-Dade Mosquito Control Division
Evolution of the application of VectoBac® WDG in the Florida Keys
Presented by: Andrea Leal Executive Director Florida Keys MCD
Characterization and efficacy of VectoBac® WDG applications targeting container-inhabiting mosquitoes utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Presented by: Keira J. Lucas, PhD Director of Research Collier County MCD
WALS shows great promise in fighting arbovirus disease in Puerto Rico
Presented by: Dr. Grayson Brown Executive Director Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit
WALS: Current SOPs and Equipment
Presented by: Leanne Lake Technical Development Specialist Valent BioSciences, LLC
Larviciding Solutions for Urban Environments
Presented by: Samer Elkashef, PhD Assistant Manager SacYolo MVCD
Wide Area Larviciding Sprays in Coachella Valley
Presented by: Jennifer Henke, M.S. Laboratory Manager Coachella Valley MVCD
Wide-Area larviciding with a Buffalo Turbine and VectoLex WDG
Presented by: Mark Clifton, PhD Executive Director North Shore Mosquito Abatement District
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