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Global Mosquito Control Resistance Virtual Summit March 24, 2022

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    State Approved CEUs Status
    California 0.5 Credit: Category A (pesticide application and safety) 2 Credits: Category B (Biology of Mosquitoes) Approved
    Florida 3 Credits: Public Health 1 Credit: Demonstration Research Approved
    Georgia 4 Credits: Cat. 31 Public Health Approved
    Idaho 3 Credits Approved
     Mississippi 1 Credit: Public Health 1 Credit: Entomology: (D) Medical, Veterinarian, and Public Health Approved
     Oregon 1 Credit: Core 2 Credits: Other Approved
    Pennsylvania 1 Credit: pesticide recertification Approved
    South Carolina 3 Credits: (Category 8) Approved
    Texas 4 Credits Approved
     Utah 3 Credits: Pesticide use management Approved
    Washington 3 Credits Approved
     Wyoming 3.5  Credits Approved