Public Outreach

Managing disease-vector and nuisance insects presents abatement districts with a delicate balance when it comes to public perception. On one hand, the public wants to enjoy the outdoors free from swarms of insects. At the same time, the public is often apprehensive about the potential hazards of applying the insecticides necessary to achieve effective control. Valent BioSciences is ready to help abatement professionals with a comprehensive portfolio of target-specific biorational solutions and some helpful resources for public outreach efforts.

An Environmentally Sustainable Approach

Any vector-management application must be carefully considered in terms of its economic, social, and environmental impact. Sustainability is often viewed as the interrelationship between all of these important variables. Since biorational larvicides have a low impact on humans, the environment, and other non-target organisms — as well as delivering resistance-management benefits that keep other controls viable — they are looked upon favorably in this regard.

Biorational public health products offer abatement professionals — and communities — a number of distinct benefits:

  • Biorationals control target pests at a key stage of their life cycle. For instance, our microbial products for vector management kill larvae before mosquitoes become flying, biting, disease-transmitting adults. But research has found that the products also have a notable impact on pupal success, adult emergence, and adult survival in mosquitoes exposed to sublethal doses as larvae.
  • Biorationals are effective tools for managing resistance. Because VBC’s products display a unique mode of action, they are an excellent tool for killing insects that may have developed resistance to conventional insecticides. Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis (Bti), strain AM65-52 — the active ingredient in VectoBac — itself has been used successfully for almost 30 years without indication of resistance development in the field. Bacillus sphaericus 2362, strain ABTS-1743 — the active ingredient in VectoLex — and Bti have both been used effectively in rotational programs for prevention and management of resistance.
  • Biorationals have low impact on non-target organisms. VBC’s products do not affect freshwater fish, amphibians, aquatic invertebrates, or other aquatic organisms — among which are helpful mosquito predators.
  • Biorationals are safe for humans, animals, and beneficial insects. Our products are ideal for use in many aquatic environments, including drinking water reservoirs, for insect control.

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