New Campaign Highlights Game-Changing Innovations

For more than 50 years, Valent BioSciences has successfully developed and marketed plant growth regulators (PGRs) that provide a wide range of customer benefits. We are not only the global leader in innovation and technical expertise, but the first business to develop and commercialize products in the five major classes of plant hormones. In addition, we have a successful track record of producing revolutionary new PGRs that create market opportunities and tremendous value for our customers.

To help support our game-changing history of innovation, the Biorational Crop Enhancement team is proud to introduce the We Change the Game™ campaign. It emphasizes our proud heritage of agricultural advancements and industry leadership, highlighting how specific PGRs have changed markets and grower practices, as well as raised the bar for a variety of crops in the agricultural industry.

This integrated campaign incorporates a variety of tools and resources spotlighting solutions that have helped our customers enhance their crop management strategies, reduce their costs, and increase their profitability. We will be showcasing videos, blog posts, technical manuals, and We Change the Game product stories that explore how these products came to be and what role they play in grower operations.

Game Changing Plant Growth Regulators:

  • ProGibb® (called Berelex® in some regions) revolutionized the grape industry by effectively stretching, thinning, and sizing table grapes.
  • ReTain®, MaxCel®, and Promalin® enhanced the ever-evolving apple industry by creating more consistent and more marketable apples for some of the most highly sought-after varieties.
  • ProVide® (called Regulex® outside the Americas) was the first effective product for preventing russeting and improving fruit finish on apples and improving fruit set on pears.
  • RyzUp® effectively delays ripening in bananas, enabling growers to more effectively deliver product to its final destination.
  • ProTone® answered the market need for consistently colored red table grapes without additional residues.
  • PinCor® facilitates year-round production of consistent pineapple quality and quantities at a steady price.
  • InGrain® increases rice yield and milling quality, enhancing its value to both rice farmers and milling companies.
  • Accede® is the first stone fruit thinner and late-window apple thinner ideal for peaches, nectarines, and apples.

The We Change the Game campaign is another differentiator that reinforces how Valent BioSciences continues to change the game each and every day – for products, markets, and customers.

We would like to thank our many employees throughout the various Sumitomo Chemical companies, academic and industry partners, and growers around the world for their support. We appreciate all of your invaluable contributions and hope this initiative brings you continued success.