WALS® Container Mosquito Management Kit

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WALS container Mosquito Kit

The public health professional’s guide to understanding, validating, and communicating the effectiveness of VectoBac® WDG in WALS® programs for container mosquito control.

Based on twenty years of research and large-scale applications for unparalleled control of container mosquitoes and the diseases they vector, the Valent BioSciences Public Health team has assembled the WALS for Container Mosquito Management Kit to meet demand for more information on WALS programs for control of container mosquitoes and the diseases they vector. The validation kit is designed to assist mosquito control professionals in each of the following ways:

  • Provide quick access to peer reviewed research on the WALS approach and its dramatic impact on mitigating disease
  • Provide easy to understand information on container mosquito biology and ecology toward effective control
  • Provide quick access to training videos on WALS using aerial, truck-mounted, and backpack sprayer application
  • Provide illustrative infographics for communicating the WALS impact to officials who fund local abatement programs

Validation Kit Components

  • Peer Reviewed Research
  • VectoBac WDG Fact Sheet
  • Container Mosquito Operations Guidelines
  • WALS Training Videos
  • Presentation Graphics
  • Operations Updates:
    Florida and California

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